Why Weed Legalization is Sweeping the United States

The times have certainly changed. Two decades ago, California legalized medical marijuana. They were the first state to do so. Many saw the Californians as liberal, free-spirits at the time. No one predicted what would happen next—that weed legalization would sweep all across the United States.

Nowadays, it’s hard to look at a map of the United States without noticing how many states have followed suit and legalized medical marijuana. Some have even legalized recreational use, too. Currently, 25 states have legalized medical marijuana. Four of those states have legalized recreational use, too.

Why is Weed So Popular These Days?

There are a number of reasons why marijuana has taken the United States by storm over these last two decades. Americans have been consuming cannabis for decades, but legal consumption is a recent phenomenon. Here’s why weed legalization is on the rise:

  • Safety First: Many studies have come out in the last decade showing that marijuana is actually not that bad for the body. Studies have shown that the drug has limited negative effects, especially consumed in social situations. Additionally, the idea weed will lead children down the wrong path has been disproven by a number of studies. Myths have been destroyed and mainstream acceptance is in vogue.
  • No More Hypocrisy: It’s hard to make a case for the legalization of alcohol and then state that marijuana should not be legal. Drinking booze shows greater negative effects on society than marijuana consumption. So many individuals realize while they enjoy having a few beers every now and then, others enjoying smoking a blunt on occasion.
  • The Math Works: Weed legalization benefits a state’s bottom line. Once the weed industry is legalized in a state, that government can then tax the living daylights out of marijuana sales. Colorado recently legalized recreational use. The next year, the state saw over $135 million in tax revenues from marijuana. That’s a huge boost to any state’s bottom line!
  • Medical Marijuana Benefits: Before you go get your weed card in California for fun, you need to realize medical marijuana has numerous benefits when treating different ailments. Cancer, AIDS, depression, anxiety, seizures and more can all be treated with marijuana. It’s not phony science. Many studies have shown the vast medical benefits of the drug.

Visit Medical Marijuana Doctors in California

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