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Can You Get Fired For Having A Medical Card In Pennsylvania?

On April 17, 2016, Pennsylvania’s governor legalized the use of medical marijuana in the state, and from February 15th, 2018, those with a need for medical marijuana because of various health conditions were able to purchase and use cannabis legally. The medical relief provided by these new laws helped many patients who had been suffering […]

Can Nurses Have A Medical Marijuana Card In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has been a legal medical marijuana state since summer 2018. In the short interval between then and now, the state has become a leading MMJ state. Oklahoma’s MMJ program is the most liberal in the entire nation. The state’s MMJ industry has blossomed and is now an inspiration to the rest of the country. […]

Does My Medical Marijuana Card Show Up On A Background Check?

Your medical marijuana status is a part of your personal health information. Because of this, it’s protected by certain laws, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which does not allow for protected medical information to show up on a background check. However, there are ways that this information can be available […]

Can You Get Fired For Having A MMJ Card?

The use of medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular as states legalize it for both medical and recreational use. The use of medical marijuana often comes into question in the employment sphere. Even in states with very progressive medical marijuana laws, some employers still have a zero-tolerance drug policy. There are some interesting […]

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