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How Much Medical Marijuana Can You Buy At A Dispensary In Pennsylvania?

Today, we discuss Pennsylvania dispensary purchase limits and ask … how much medical marijuana can you buy at a dispensary in Pennsylvania? We will also explore the range of products available in PA dispensaries and explain how you can get your own medical marijuana card in The Keystone State. Medical marijuana was legalized in Pennsylvania […]

Best Pain Management Centers In Pennsylvania That MMJ Patients Should Know

Today we’ve got a list of the best pain management centers in Pennsylvania for PA residents in need of pain treatment. These centers can be a good addition to treatment for medical marijuana patients who experience chronic pain. Pennsylvania pain clinics treat chronic pain caused by auto injuries, work injuries, and sports injuries, as well […]

How Do I Get My Pennsylvania MMJ Card In 2022?

Getting a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card 2022 is a straightforward process. The PA medical marijuana program is user-friendly. It exists to help Pennsylvania residents who suffer from a wide range of medical conditions to live more fulfilling lives. The process of applying for your Pennsylvania MMJ card in 2022 is easy to navigate and can […]

How Much MMJ Can You Buy At A Dispensary in Pennsylvania?

In July 2021, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed a bill into law that increased the amount of medical marijuana that a PA MMJ cardholder can purchase when they visit a dispensary in the state. This change in the law is intended to improve Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients’ access to MMJ treatment. The new Pennsylvania MMJ […]

Pennsylvania Medical Card Renewal: All You Need To Know

People who have, or are about to get, a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania need to know how long their MMJ card will last and how to renew when the time comes. The Pennsylvania medical marijuana program is expanding rapidly and new patients are signing on all the time. While the program is relatively new […]

Pittsburgh Opens Pennsylvania’s First Drive-Through Dispensary: What You Need To Know About MMJ & Driving

Accessing medical marijuana (MMJ) for qualifying individuals in the state of Pennsylvania has never been easier. In fact, PA currently has the fifth highest number of MMJ-qualified individuals in the US, making the state a key player in the ever-evolving MMJ field. As of July 30, 2021, Pittsburgh has also opened its first drive-through dispensary, […]

5 Best Dispensaries In Pennsylvania In 2021

The Pennsylvania medical marijuana industry is going from strength to strength. MMJ patients in PA can now avail of a wide range of high-quality medicinal marijuana products that treat the symptoms of debilitating medical conditions and massively enhance quality of life. Pennsylvania state law allows 198 MMJ dispensaries to operate. Dispensaries have opened up for […]

Do Pennsylvania Dispensaries Accept Credit Cards?

Pennsylvania dispensary laws can be somewhat confusing for first-time visitors and new MMJ patients. Dispensaries have only been open for business in Pennsylvania since 2018, so the Keystone State has a lot of relatively new MMJ patients. The confusion comes from the fact that, due to conflicting state and federal laws, Pennsylvania dispensaries cannot accept […]

Can I Go To A Dispensary Without A Card In Pennsylvania?

In 2016, a new state law was introduced that allowed for compassionate medical cannabis to be used lawfully in Pennsylvania. The medical marijuana that can be sold under the new law is strictly regulated, and thus difficult to get if you’re not approved for a medical card. Patients looking to access MMJ must go through […]

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