How Long Does It Take To Get A Temporary Medical Card In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma prides itself on being one of the best states for MMJ users. The MMJ program in Oklahoma is well-developed, with some of the best dispensaries in the US. In fact, the OK MMJ market is the biggest in the US! Almost 10% of the state’s population reaps the rewards of MMJ use.

It’s clear why so many Oklahomans avail of MMJ treatment. It can provide much-needed pain relief and is an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Migraine
  • Muscle spasms
  • Insomnia
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Image by elsaolofsson on Pixabay: Can I go to a dispensary before my card arrives in Oklahoma? That depends on the individual dispensary in question.

Can I go to a dispensary before my card arrives in Oklahoma?

To purchase MMJ in Oklahoma, you’re required to have a valid OK MMJ card. You can enter any of the state’s many dispensaries without a card, and can purchase related products such as vapes or pipes – however, to purchase any product containing MMJ in OK, you must have your OK MMJ card. Some dispensaries will accept an email confirmation, but this depends on the dispensary in question.

You may also use your expired OK MMJ card for 30 days following its expiry, under current OK regulations. Out-of-state MMJ cardholders may also hold a Temporary Patient License, which they can use for purchasing MMJ in Oklahoma while they visit the state.

OK dispensaries sell a wide variety of products. Some of the MMJ products available in dispensaries in OK include:

  • Pre-rolls
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Vapes
  • Oils
  • Topicals
  • Seeds

How do I get my medical card online in Oklahoma?

Luckily, the application process for an OK MMJ card is simple and can be done completely online from the comfort of your own home through the MJRecs online portal. Simply register on this page, and schedule your online consultation with a registered OK physician. Create a new patient login, which involves filling in some personal information, answering a simple questionnaire, and uploading a copy of your OK driver’s license.

Once you pay the consultation fee, you can then submit your application. It will be returned to you, signed by your OK physician. You can use this form to register with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). Upon registration, you will receive your OK MMJ card.

There is no list of qualifying conditions for an MMJ card in OK. The physician will decide, upon discussion of your medical history, whether MMJ would be a suitable treatment for you. This gives greater flexibility than many other US states, which have a set list of conditions which qualify for a MMJ card.

There are many conditions which can be helped through effective MMJ treatment, and your physician will be an expert on these. Not only can MMJ offer relief from physical pain, but it can also help sufferers of mental health conditions such as PTSD and anxiety to manage their symptoms.

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Image by cheifyc on Pixabay: How long does it take to get a temporary medical card in Oklahoma?

How long does it take to get your medical card in the mail in Oklahoma?

The processing times for your OK MMJ card are quicker than ever due to the ongoing development of the MMJ program in Oklahoma. Once your application has been accepted by OMMA (provided that it is fully complete), you will receive your approval letter and your MMJ Patient License by post within 14 days.

Those who already have an MMJ card from another US state, and who wish to purchase MMJ in Oklahoma, can do so by applying for an Oklahoma Temporary Medical Card. OK does not accept out-of-state cards, so you cannot use anything but an OK MMJ card for purchase in dispensaries in Oklahoma. You can apply for an Oklahoma Temporary Medical Card through the OMMA website. This Temporary Patient License is valid for 30 days, and can be renewed following this period.

How fast can you get a medical card in Oklahoma?

The answer to this question is…very! Once you’ve registered for your online consultation with a MMJRecs physician, the process is very simple and efficient. And with OMMA processing times at less than two weeks, the whole application for an OK MMJ card could effectively take you under a month. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your OK MMJ card through the MMJRecs portal today!

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