Who Can Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in California and How To Get One

The Compassionate Use Act, also known as Proposition 215, was passed in the state of California in 1996. This act allows citizens who qualify for a medical marijuana card to legally procure, possess and use medical marijuana. It also provides a safe environment for patients to talk to medical professionals about medical marijuana use and…

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How to Deal With Medical Marijuana Doctors In California

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You’re ready. It’s time to make the jump. You’re tired of getting your weed from shady dealers in equally shady parts of the city. You want the good stuff. You want that medical marijuana. So you know what you need. It’s time to get your medical marijuana card in California. Patience is a virtue, but…

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5 Social Benefits of Marijuana

People have been getting high for ages – even centuries. Smoking a joint is nothing new. So why has marijuana consumption been so popular over the years? What are the health and social benefits of marijuana? Before you go to get your medical marijuana card online in California, it’s important to understand the pros of…

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5 Great Cities For Medical Marijuana Consumption In the United States

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If you smoke marijuana, then you know it’s quite preferable to smoke without worry of breaking the law. This is one of the many reasons getting a medical marijuana card in California is so popular. With the freedom legally smoking weed offers you, you may sometimes dream of living in a city that is exceptionally…

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