A Patient’s Guide to Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Program

One of the latest US states to embrace medical marijuana is Missouri, shifting its healthcare and wellness for patients who would benefit from this therapeutic method. The passing of Amendment 2 in November 2018 paved the way for legal access to medical cannabis and the state’s medical marijuana program. However, prospective patients need to understand…

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8 Pain Management Centers In Missouri And How They Can Help MMJ Patients

person receiving massage for pain

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating and affect every aspect of your life. If you’re searching for the best pain clinics in Missouri or Missouri pain doctors near you, you’re not alone. Missouri offers a range of pain management centers and specialists dedicated to helping individuals find relief from their chronic pain. In this…

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Every Missouri Dispensary That MMJ Patients Need To Know

jars of medical marijuana product at dispensary

Missouri legalized medical marijuana in 2018. The first MMJ dispensaries in Missouri opened for business in 2020, and since then, the MO dispensaries list has quickly grown from a small handful to almost 200. Missouri dispensaries are now selling high-quality, locally produced marijuana products to hundreds of thousands of Missouri MMJ patients. Medical marijuana dispensaries…

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Best Pain Management Centers In Missouri That MMJ Patients Should Know

If there’s one thing the best pain management centers in Missouri all have in common, it’s that they’ll consider medical marijuana as a treatment! Medical marijuana (MMJ) has been growing in popularity throughout the US for its many health benefits. As well as helping with a variety of psychological conditions (such as PTSD and anxiety),…

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Medical Card In Missouri?

st louis missouri

Luckily for all those with a qualifying condition, research into the benefits of MMJ is ongoing. New discoveries are constantly being made about MMJ treatment, but we already know that MMJ is useful for a wide variety of conditions, including PTSD, chronic pain, and epilepsy. For those with a medical marijuana (MMJ) card, the ability…

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How Long Does Missouri Take To Approve A Medical Marijuana Card?

For a person with a qualifying condition, accessing medical marijuana for the first time may seem like a lengthy process because of all the things that have to be done prior to stepping foot into a dispensary. There are consultations, applications, and of course the time it takes between submitting your documents and getting approved.…

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Patient Drives In Missouri: How Do They Work?

Missouri’s medical marijuana (MMJ) program has been going from strength to strength since 2018. Missouri has one of the best-developed MMJ programs in the US, and the first of the many MO state dispensaries opened in 2020. There is no better time than now to apply for a Missouri MMJ card. Having a valid Missouri…

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How Many Plants Can You Grow With A Medical Card In Missouri?

Home cultivation of medical marijuana has become popular in Missouri over the last few years. Seed banks have opened across the state and many Missouri MMJ patients are taking the opportunity to grow their own private supply of high-quality medical marijuana. So, how many plants can you grow with a medical card in Missouri? Read…

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How Do I Get My Missouri MMJ Card In 2022?

Having a Missouri MMJ card makes it easy and safe to purchase the medical marijuana (MMJ) products you need in the state of Missouri. MMJ has been fully legal in the state of Missouri since 2018, and the industry has gone from strength to strength. There are over 200 dispensaries in the state of Missouri,…

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